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Monday, May 2, 2011

What is a Topographic Map?

Topographical Maps (elevation maps) are created from a topographical survey of land in which the existing features of the property are located in addition to the ground height elevations referenced to a know datum, usually the height above sea level. The United States Geodetic Survey (USGS) &/or United States Coastal & Geodetic Survey (USC & GS) are based on this datum. Since a topographic map is only a two dimensional surface, ground elevations can only be expressed as individual spot labeled elevations &/or contour lines which are labeled at a known interval. The contour lines on a topographic map can be subtracted from each other giving a calculated rise or fall in the land. Contour lines that are very close together signify very steep conditions while contour lines that are very far apart signify very flat conditions.

Topographic Maps are generally created by land surveyors, civil and environmental engineers and are used to prepare development plans, stormwater design, erosion control, septic design where grading & drainage design is critical to the construction of a proposed development. Visit Eastern Chadrow’s Web site to have them produce a Topographic Map for you.

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  1. The importance of land surveying can never be overly emphasized; it is a necessary step to be taken in every home renovation or project. Having your land properly surveyed helps establish propertyboundaries, an important thing all homeowners should be aware of. Not only can mistakes involving encroachments and easements slow down your project’s completion time and cause legal problems, they can also cost thousands in additional construction requirements.